Have you ever thought that the easiest way to move would be to just hire a van and ‘do it yourself’?

You may be right, however please remember that you will either have to drive the van yourself or find a friend to drive it for you, often people overlook the additional fuel costs that may be involved and most importantly the load will need to be secured to protect it.

Hiring a van is fine but do you get advice on how to load it safely and using the space inside to its maximum capacity? Do you get straps and blankets provided and the experience of protecting your belongings against in-transit damage?  Do you know the amount you will pay before the job begins or are there extra mileage charges and of course the unknown fuel consumption of the vehicle (luton vans are especially thirsty as they are not very aerodynamic).

Should you be unfortunate enough to have even a minor accident in this unfamiliar vehicle what will the excess payment cost you upon retuning it to the hire company?

Are you covered by your contents insurance should anything get damaged?

Finally, when was the last time you tried lifting that heavy sideboard, most back injuries are suffered when carrying out unfamiliar activity.

With all this in mind it makes sense to leave it to ‘Man and Van Winchester’, fully equipped and fully insured.

Removals & Clearances (no disposals)

House removals, flats, offices, shops

Collections and Store pick-ups/returns:

eBay, Homebase, B&Q, IKEA, Currys, PC World. etc.

Deliveries: anytime, anywhere, any item(s)

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