Already recommended them to others.

Emailed Direct from Caroline – 24th June 2013

Had a small job that other removal companies weren’t interested in. Gareth and his helper were reliable, efficient and turned up spot on time. They were moving a very heavy sofabed for us and they wore gloves and brought their own equipment for removing the feet of the sofabed, tying the inner bed-frame in place and did a great job of getting it through a narrow doorway and down an odd shaped corridor without making any marks on the walls or doors. Great job. Have already recommended them to others.

Putting Professional into Professionalism

Emailed Direct from Brian – 20th November 2012

I contacted Gareth by accident: I thought, by the time I hire a van, cajole a friend to help me move things, refuel, etc, I just wondered whether I could find a “man and a van” in Winchester. The best chance decision if I’ve made! Over the following weeks, we did every kind of removal: individual items to temporary store, moving furniture inside the house, loading furniture here to be taken to a family member in London, taking things to charities, involving Gareth on his own or with another guy; and then finally, I asked Gareth to estimate what a full removal from a third floor flat in Winchester to a house in the centre of a neighbouring town, with no parking outside, would cost. I’d had quotations from “professional” firms, who were expecting me to pack everything myself. But by this time, it was really a question of trust: I wanted the day to go as smoothly as possible. Gareth delivered as before: he arrived when he said, and packed things quietly and efficiently. At the other end, all was unloaded and put where I asked. There was no damage either to furniture or the walls and paintwork in the new house. Nothing fazed him: they remained professional and supportive throughout, adapting plans as required. We could not have done any of it so easily without Gareth’s help. I would have no hesitation in asking Gareth to do jobs for me or my family in the future; and similarly, I have no hesitation in recommending him highly to anyone else who needs a professional, caring and effective service.

Just what you want

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Rebecca – 7 Mar 2011

Gareth is professional and courteous at all times and has a sense of humour too.  The job gets done in good time – our move was much better than I expected it to be.  I would highly recommend his service.

Highly recommended‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By wildlife – 10 Mar 2010

Gareth moved us to Cornwall. He provided a very professional, efficient and friendly service. He was patient when our battery went flat and when he had to wait for us getting stuck in traffic. He made our move stress free and enjoyable, and he was helpful well beyond the call of duty. We can highly recommend him. B & M

Brilliant service!‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Roy – 1 Mar 2010

I had found a job in Nottingham and had to leave Winchester. Gareth transported me and my things 30 minutes faster than Google Maps predicted. It was an excellent service – fast, professional, safe and at a reasonable price. He’s also very friendly, so the trip will never get boring!‎

Highly recommended!‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Andy – 20 Aug 2010

Gareth helped me move my stuff from London to Winchester – all went very smoothly. Excellent price. Highly recommended!‎

Top marks!

Gareth helped me move half my stuff into storage and the other half up to London from Winchester – he was friendly (great stories en route!), efficient and took great care in doing the best possible job. When we arrived at the London flat, a large (and horrible) shelving unit had been unexpectedly left behind by the previous tenant – Gareth removed this for me as a favour, which was greatly appreciated and saved me a lot of trouble. The whole job was well worth what I was charged and I would definitely use him again and recommend him highly.” Victoria, formerly of Winchester

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